Cape Verde Vision Company Overview

Project description:

This digital overview of the company was one of many created for Cape Verde Vision. I designed and created the material with Indesign and Photoshop, and some good old fashioned pencil sketches. I also wrote quite a bit of the copy that was used too. Interestingly the 2 key images that we ended up using throughout the Cape Verde Vision campaigns (The wide purple shot of the Melia resort and the dynamic angle taken at the end of the pier), were never used before I started helping this client. One of these was taken directly from the client's own library, but they never saw the potential in it. As the client said themself, "It really needed fresh, creative eyes...". Those 2 images (especially so the resort shot) were hugely successfully across Facebook and generated a really exciting buzz. Shares, likes and comments went through the roof. The only negative was one person asking why the comments on the page were so predominantly positive. I didnt even have to hide anything either. I'll take that anyday!